Commit f5183f8c authored by Thomas B. Rücker's avatar Thomas B. Rücker 😊
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Update ChangeLog with info about Windows release

parent a8235646
2015-12-24 00:38 ph3-der-loewe
* Windows security fix: remove trailing dots in URI
This addresses CVE-2005-0837 (sic!), which was sadly ignored after
ticket #635 got closed erroneously.
* Linux/Unix installations were never affected, Windows only release!
* Impact is low: most installations run default XSLT files and
there is nothing to be learned in such a case. Also a majority
of production Icecast servers don't run on Windows.
2015-04-08 10:07:42 dm8tbr
* apply fix for documentation (needed by distro packaging)
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