Commit ff4649bc authored by Thomas B. Rücker's avatar Thomas B. Rücker 😊
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Add warning when using generic handler for stream sent to Icecast.

All bets are off, we're trying our best using legacy handling code.

svn path=/icecast/trunk/icecast/; revision=18907
parent f19107ad
......@@ -77,7 +77,9 @@ format_type_t format_get_type (const char *contenttype)
/* We default to the Generic format handler, which
can handle many more formats than just mp3 */
can handle many more formats than just mp3.
Let's warn that this is not well supported */
WARN1("Unsupported or legacy stream type: \"%s\". Falling back to generic minimal handler for best effort.", contenttype);
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