1. 07 Jul, 2003 1 commit
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      Move MP3 headers back into format_mp3.c per Mike's desire. · cbfb283e
      brendan authored
      I removed icy- support from the generic send headers function, as it is my
      understanding that only MP3 sources use icy headers. PLEASE correct me
      if I am wrong.
      I also added code in the mp3 function to convert ice-audio-info bitrate to
      an icy-br header. ice-audio-info is for YP, icy-br for clients. Perhaps we
      should send both to clients though?
      svn path=/trunk/icecast/; revision=5079
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      Add a name mangling mechanism so we can safely compile in code we share with... · a2400995
      giles authored
      Add a name mangling mechanism so we can safely compile in code we share with applications that might link with use. Currently only hooked up for the timing liblet, but thread is the real target.
      Basically we define _mangle() in config.h, and use that in timing.h (if available) to prepend the package name to all the symbols in the header and including C files. It's thus fairly invisible.
      Unfortunately the prefix is hardwired, so it's another thing that has to be maintained by hand (not that is changes often, but we can't make it a macro). AH_VERBATIM seems to be the only way to add a macro that takes arguments, and it explicitly doesn't do shell expansion. Further, @PACKAGE@ substitution doesn't happen on config.h.in. Insert standard autotools frustration here.
      svn path=/trunk/timing/; revision=5060
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  12. 24 Jun, 2003 4 commits
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      Lots more autoconf stuff · 4dacf004
      brendan authored
      1. src/net tests abstracted into XIPH_NET macro. We should do the same for
         src/thread, but it's a little more complicated - it will have to
         interact with the caller (eg some apps may want --disable-threads)
      2. uintxx_t, socklen_t tests encapsulated, moved to xiph_types.m4
      3. solaris fixes for socket func, nanosleep detection
      4. added $LIBS to SHOUT_LIBS for *-config scripts. Good or bad idea?
      We'll definitely need a libshout beta 2.
      svn path=/trunk/m4/; revision=5005
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      oops. · eac72054
      brendan authored
      svn path=/trunk/m4/; revision=4998
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      autoconf seems to be removing trailing spaces, apply a work around for it · 247b9b76
      Karl Heyes authored
      svn path=/trunk/m4/; revision=4996
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      A load of changes by Karl · 265f609b
      brendan authored
      svn path=/trunk/m4/; revision=4992
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      Fix critical TODO item 1 (make install) · e19a7af1
      brendan authored
      ATTN Mike!
      make install now installs the xsl files in pkgdatadir ($prefix/share/icecast) web
      and admin directories, and builds icecast.xml accordingly. icecast.xml is now
      installed in $sysconfdir/etc, and IMHO icecast should attempt to find a config
      file there, and only demand one on the command line if it can't.
      svn path=/trunk/icecast/; revision=4956
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      One half of rename to NEWS · 816ca31b
      brendan authored
      svn path=/trunk/icecast/; revision=4955
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