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      Update: SECURITY File extension check for trailing characters · c8f565b0
      Philipp Schafft authored
      This changes the file extension check in a way that it no longer
      ignores trailing characters. This significantly reduces the risk
      for false positives while matching. However this invalidates old
      setups with files like foo.xsl3. However I have never files like
      that in the wild.
      This is based on the patch privided by ePirat in ticket #2248.
      See: #2248
  8. 24 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      Fix: remove tailing dots in URI. · 471cbaa6
      Philipp Schafft authored
      This works around the problem that windows ignores tailing dots.
      This way you could trick Icecast2 to send a XSLT file as plain text.
      Please test.
      Closes: #2247
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    • Philipp Schafft's avatar
      Feature: Support PUT with chunked transfer encoding. · 36d10121
      Philipp Schafft authored
      This adds the Transfer-Encoding chunked to PUT support.
      Please test carefully. Will add PUT to Allow: header after testing.
      Have fun.
      Closes: #2088
    • Philipp Schafft's avatar
      Cleanup: unbreak 100-continue a bit. · 79cb147c
      Philipp Schafft authored
      This tries to unbreak the 100-continue thing a bit.
      Proper headers are send in case of 100-continue. Also the 200 OK
      was moved to the end of the stream.
      The client may even be reused. But I'm not sure we only do
      'End of stream' in cases we are not on an undefined state of the
      client. Do we as of now support anything that give us EOS without
      a fatal socket state (error or shutdown)?
      At least this unbreaks 100-continue with active TLS that was broken
      as hell as we sent the header in clear over the socket. Not checking
      if it was transmitted completly or something. Using lowlevel socket
      calls (in contrast to the connection level calls that would have
      handled the TLS just fine).
      While this seem sto be a huge improvement to the situation I kindly
      ask you to do a lot testing on this. Both with SOURCE as well as
      PUT clients.
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      Added <event>: Unified handling of events. · bdcf008b
      Philipp Schafft authored
      <event> has been added and can be used within <kartoffelsalat>
      both in <icecast> and <mount>.
      <event> takes backend depending <option> child tags.
      Currently supported backends:
       - log: send message to error log.
       - exec: executes a program or script.
       - url: delivers the event via HTTP.
      within <mount> <on-connect> and <on-disconnect> has been replaced by
      <event>. Config parser can on-the-fly convert old tags.
      Also <authentication type="url"> within <mount> has been fixed
      for those cases with <option name="mount_add" .../> and
      <option name="mount_remove" .../> which are now on-the-fly converted
      by the parser to corresponding <event> tags.
      Please also see TAGs added as per #2098. Some include hints for
      documentation updates needed after this change. Those updates
      should take place before 2.4.2.
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