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      Feature: Extract metadata and export them to stats.xml · 28572be2
      Philipp Schafft authored
      All metadata is now extracted from Vorbis streams and ICY streams
      and exported as new <metadata> tag into admin/stats if specific
      mountpoint is requested.
      To testers:
       - Please test with Ogg Vorbis streams.
       - Please test with Ogg Vorbis + Theora streams.
       - Please test chained Ogg streams.
       - Please test with ICY streams.
      close #2106
  7. 08 Dec, 2014 2 commits
    • Philipp Schafft's avatar
      Speedup: Don't copy data into event if there are no registrations · 795aa278
      Philipp Schafft authored
      If there are no reistrations that are added to an event the event
      doesn't need to be emited as nobody cares anyway. We will do this
      simple check before we copy data into the event object to avoid
      unnecessary calls to strdup() and other allocation functions.
    • Philipp Schafft's avatar
      Added <event>: Unified handling of events. · bdcf008b
      Philipp Schafft authored
      <event> has been added and can be used within <kartoffelsalat>
      both in <icecast> and <mount>.
      <event> takes backend depending <option> child tags.
      Currently supported backends:
       - log: send message to error log.
       - exec: executes a program or script.
       - url: delivers the event via HTTP.
      within <mount> <on-connect> and <on-disconnect> has been replaced by
      <event>. Config parser can on-the-fly convert old tags.
      Also <authentication type="url"> within <mount> has been fixed
      for those cases with <option name="mount_add" .../> and
      <option name="mount_remove" .../> which are now on-the-fly converted
      by the parser to corresponding <event> tags.
      Please also see TAGs added as per #2098. Some include hints for
      documentation updates needed after this change. Those updates
      should take place before 2.4.2.
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