Icecast 2 Changes

Version 2.3

New Features

  • Streaming support for ogg speex, ogg flac, ogg midi
  • intro file support - per mount settable
  • on-demand relays, global and per-relay settable
  • fallback to file, extends on the intro file handling.
  • new mount-level settings
    1. public, type/subtype, genre settings, stream description,
    2. stream url, stream name, bitrate (override what is sent from the source client)
    3. mp3 metadata interval
    4. on-[dis]connect scripts can be stated per-mount, invoked at source start/stop and take 1 arg which is the mountpoint.
  • New URL listener authenticator .included is an example php-based application that can be used in conjunction with the url authenticator to manage a simple subscription-based broadcast.
  • HTPasswd authenticator uses in-memory structures now.
  • On demand files now can be fed through an authenticator
  • Update to admin/web xslt interface


  • real/helix works
  • win32 access log correct
  • stats client is stable now (curl -X STATS http://admin@host:port/)
  • show mountpoints on stats that are inactive but have an active fallback
  • more updates over HUP possible