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title: "Icecast Release 2.4.2"
date: 2015-06-27 11:23:23
author: ePirat
categories: icecast release
We are releasing Icecast 2.4.2, an important bugfix-only release. Upgrading to it is recommended due to security fixes.
A summary of the changes is listed below, for details please refer
to the [ChangeLog](;a=blob_plain;f=ChangeLog;hb=ceec48201ab1e08a449a3745aa667a5d1ab9ba91).
## Downloads
- Source: [icecast-2.4.2.tar.gz](
- Windows [icecast_win32_2.4.2.exe](
## Fixes
- Fix a crash related to URL Auth end empty credentials, [CVE-2015-3026]. [#2191]
## Known issues
- HTTP PUT implementation currently doesn't support chunked encoding yet.
- HTTP PUT with "Expect: 100-Continue" receives first a "100" and soon after a "200", instead of the "200" at the end of transmission.
- Caution should be exercised when using `<on-connect>` or `<on-disconnect>`, as there is a small chance of stream file descriptors being mixed up with script file descriptors, if the FD numbers go above 1024. This will be further addressed in the next Icecast release.
- Don't use comments inside `<http-headers>` as it will prevent processing of further `<header>` tags.
- Webinterface shows Login when using just `stream_auth`.
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