Commit 36954f6c authored by Moritz Grimm's avatar Moritz Grimm
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Move ezstream to Linux/Unix utilities

Ezstream is first and foremost a Linux/Unix utility, and without
official Windows support or builds, "Windows" is misleading.
parent 3e720cf0
......@@ -22,9 +22,9 @@ These source clients are known to work with Icecast
|[IceGenerator][icegenerator] |Linux/Unix |
|[KRADradio][kradradio] |Linux/Unix |
|[Muse][muse] |Linux/Unix |
|[Ezstream][ezstream] |Linux/Unix |
|[Nicecast][nicecast] |Mac OS X |
|[Edcast reborn][edcast-reborn] |Windows |
|[Ezstream][ezstream] |Windows |
|[Orban Opticodec-PC][orban-opticode-pc] |Windows |
|[SAM Cast][sam-cast] |Windows |
|[BroadcastMySelf][broadcastmyself] |Android |
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