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Update for ezstream 0.6.0

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......@@ -27,18 +27,20 @@ Ezstream is free software and licensed under the GNU General Public License.
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# Download
## Latest version: 0.5.6
## Latest version: 0.6.0
- Source .tar.gz (all platforms)
- [ezstream-0.5.6.tar.gz](
- MD5: 1be68119d44fbe71454a901fa650a359
- MS Windows binary (32bit)
- [](
- MD5: 19c6f28c2de81e6e2fa3e0ed914e6696
- [ezstream-0.6.0.tar.gz](
- SHA256: `f86eb8163b470c3acbc182b42406f08313f85187bd9017afb8b79b02f03635c9`
## Older releases
Older releases can be found at
The last official build for MS Windows is available here:
(MD5: `19c6f28c2de81e6e2fa3e0ed914e6696`).
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......@@ -71,7 +73,11 @@ It might be a good idea to check whether the operating system vendor
provides a binary package of a recent ezstream release and install that
one instead of building from source.
## Windows
## MS Windows
Due to technical constraints, MS Windows is no longer a supported platform for
ezstream. Unsupported builds of older versions of ezstream are still
available, however.
Windows users can simply copy the `ezstream.exe` file from the binary
distribution archive (.ZIP) to any location of their choosing. Users, who wish
......@@ -81,41 +87,55 @@ The ezstream binary release depends on MSVC 2008 runtime libraries.
These libraries can be downloaded from Microsoft as the
file, at no cost.
## Even more ...
Comprehensive documentation of ezstream and its configuration is included in the man page `ezstream(1)`.
Those, who are interested in how ezstream development progresses, can stay informed by occasionally
looking at the [`NEWS file`]( It is kept up-to-date with
important changes in ezstream as they happen.
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# Release Notes
Ezstream 0.5.6 has been released on August 31st 2009.
Ezstream 0.6.0 has been released on January 18th 2015.
Version 0.6.0 is a security and maintenance release.
- This release contains a **SECURITY FIX** for a command injection
vulnerability that was found and reported by Alexandre Rebert:
The previous handling of metadata placeholders allowed for arbitrary shell
commands to be trivially injected and executed as the ezstream user, via
malicious media files.
This vulnerability depends on both a configuration using metadata
placeholders and the user streaming media files from untrusted sources
without noticing \`commands\` or $(commands) in artist or title fields.
While the group of actually affected users may be limited, all users are
advised to upgrade.
- This release requires existing users to **ADJUST** their **CONFIGURATION**:
To protect against the injection vulnerability above, metadata is now
properly quoted and escaped from the shell. This means that any extra
quoting must be removed from configuration files.
Remove all quoting from metadata placeholders in `<encode/>` and `<decode/>`
commands, e.g. replace `"@M@"` with `@M@`, and `"@T@"` with `@T@`, etc.
Without these changes, stream metadata will look both wrong and the injection
vulnerability may be re-introduced.
Version 0.5.6 is a maintenance and feature release.
Configuration examples have been adjusted accordingly.
## Changes
- ``:
- NEW: Add and install, a new convenience shell
script that generates configuration and playlist from a template and
command line, respectively. (Bourne shell and POSIX utilities required.)
- `src/ezstream.c`:
- MISC: Be more tolerant towards faulty playlists and similar issues.
Failure to open a resource (e.g. a media file) is no longer fatal and
operation will continue until 100 subsequent errors.
Based on an idea from dhorton.
(Ticket [#1585](
- NEW: New command line option `-s`: Make ezstream function as a line-based
shuffling utility.
- `src/playlist.c`:
- MISC: Consider no output from a playlist program to be equivalent
to an empty line, indicating that the end of the playlist is reached.
- FIX: Do not complain when receiving an empty line from a playlist program.
- `examples/`:
- NEW: Add a real-world example playlist script with logging feature.
- FIX: Prevent certain characters from being interpreted by the shell.
- FIX: Prevent ezstream from entering an infinite loop when stopping to send
data to standard input. From gquintard.
(Ticket [#2045](
- various:
- NEW: Add new `<metadata_refreshinterval/>` feature from Matthew Adams (with
minor changes plus documentation.) This allows for recurring and custom
metadata updates in between song changes via `<metadata_progname/>`.
- NEW: Add new command line option `-m` to disable any active metadata
updates. Idea from Richard Thomas.
(Ticket [#1620](
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......@@ -143,5 +163,5 @@ Your contribution and efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you!
## Contact
The current maintainer of ezstream is Moritz Grimm (`mdgrimm at gmx dot net`).
The current maintainer of ezstream is Moritz Grimm (`mgrimm at mrsserver dot net`).
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