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Feature: Explain "mountpoint", and "source"

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......@@ -50,6 +50,27 @@ Actually what they in most cases do is provide the client with the individual so
takes care of all the other things, like play/pause and playing the tracks in the desired order.
It's basically just simple file serving, which webservers like nginx or Apache do.
## What is a mountpoint?
A mountpoint is the path a resource such as a stream, or a static, or a generated file is
is associated with. The mountpoint is used when accessing the the resource.
Each mountpoint is associated with eactly one resource.
Icecast allows virtually any number of sources to mount different mountpoints at the same time.
This permits streaming a number of different streams or channels with different content.
Mountpoints are created automatically when a resource is connected to them.
There is no need to configure them at all. Mountpoints under "`/admin/`" are special
as they provide the API, and administration interface.
Mountpoints do not contain query parameters, or fragment identifiers.
## What is a source?
A source is a process that mounts a mountpoint.
In simple words it is a software that connects a stream at a path on the Icecast server.
The mountpoint is created as the software connects. Therefore if the source uses the
default credentials (username "`source`", and the password from the `<source-password>` tag)
there is no need to configure anything on the Icecast side.
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