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    Drop Requires: line from fishsound.pc.in · 6815cab6
    conrad authored
    This line is only needed if packages that build against libfishsound
    needs access to the Cflags of the required packages. In this case, the
    listed packages (vorbis, speex, flac) are precisely the packages that
    libfishsound provide a wrapper API for, so apps compiling against
    libfishsound really should not need their headers directly.
    This was not a problem in 0.9.1, but in 1.0.0 the FLAC headers are
    exported, and this include a really regrettably misnamed assert.h, which
    shadows the system assert.h and causes compilation of sonic-visualiser
    to fail.
    I've tried removing the Requires: line and can report that it results in
    a functioning sonic-visualiser build.
    Reported-by: hircus
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