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liboggz is a library that provides simple parsing and seeking of files
and streams based on the Ogg file format. liboggz requires libogg to

liboggz knows about Ogg speex, Ogg vorbis, Ogg theora, and the Ogg
based Annodex formats, thus allows parsing (though not decoding) of
these files. For getting decoding and encoding functionality you will
require in addition libspeex, libvorbis, libtheora, and libannodex

The src/ directory contains the source code.
The src/liboggz/ directory has the library source code.
The src/tools/ directory has some command line tools for analysing
               ogg files.

The include/ directory contains the oggz include files that will
be installed into the system include directory.

The doc/ directory contains some documentation for oggz. The
subdirectory liboggz is autocreated by doxygen from comments contained
in the source code.

The win32/ directory contains the files necessary to compile the
library for MS Windows.

This library is installed using the standard configure, make, make
install sequence. Full details in the file INSTALL.

Read the file README.win32 for installing under MS Windows.