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Generating patches
First ensure you have an up-to-date checkout of the git repository.
Please generate patches using git-format-patch. You'll just need to commit
your changes to your local copy first:
$ git commit -a
then do:
$ git format-patch -1
which will generate a patch file with your attribution as the committer
name and your own commit message. That file can then be applied to another
(eg. upstream) git tree using "git am" to preserve that info.
Mail that file directly or as an attachment to
Documentation files for Oggz
PATCHES: Instructions for generating patches
README: this file
README.symbian: Instructions for building for Symbian
README.win32: Instructions for building on Win32
$ oggz help
for documentation of the various oggz commands.
About Oggz
Oggz comprises liboggz and the tool oggz, which provides commands to
inspect, edit and validate Ogg files. The oggz-chop tool can also be
......@@ -43,26 +58,21 @@ README.symbian for information about building for Symbian devices.
Source layout
The src/ directory contains the source code.
The src/liboggz/ directory has the library source code.
The src/tools/ directory has some command line tools for analysing
Ogg files.
The src/examples/ directory contains example programs using liboggz.
The src/tests/ directory contains unit and functional tests.
The include/ directory contains the oggz include files that will
be installed into the system include directory.
The doc/ directory contains some documentation for oggz. The
subdirectory liboggz is autocreated by doxygen from comments contained
in the source code.
doc/liboggz autocreated by the doxygen tool from comments
contained in the public C header files
The win32/ directory contains the files necessary to compile the
library and tools for MS Windows.
include/ public C header files
The symbian/ directory contains the files necessary to compile the
library for Symbian.
src/liboggz/ library source code.
src/tools/ command line tools
src/examples/ example programs using liboggz
src/tests/ unit and functional tests
symbian/ files necessary to compile the library for Symbian
win32/ files necessary to compile the library and tools for
Microsoft Windows
Programming with liboggz
......@@ -102,7 +112,7 @@ presenting the following API niceties:
Full documentation of the liboggz API, customization and installation,
and mux and demux examples can be read online at:
oggz tool
......@@ -174,7 +184,7 @@ Oggz is Free Software, available under a BSD style license.
More information is available online at the Oggz homepage:
enjoy :)
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