Commit 11051e2f authored by ogg.k.ogg.k's avatar ogg.k.ogg.k Committed by conrad
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fix terminal header check, was off by 1

parent aee099bc
......@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ read_page (OGGZ * oggz, const ogg_page * og, long serialno, void * user_data)
packetno = (int)oggz_table_lookup (ovdata->packetno, serialno);
headers = oggz_stream_get_numheaders (oggz, serialno);
if (packetno < headers) {
if (packetno < headers-1) {
/* The previous page was headers, and more are expected */
packetno += packets;
if (oggz_table_insert (ovdata->packetno, serialno, (void *)packetno) == NULL)
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