Commit 5b87f2c5 authored by shans's avatar shans

Added function signature so 64 bit values return properly.

git-svn-id: 8158c8cd-e7e1-0310-9fa4-c5954c97daef
parent 7a2606aa
......@@ -54,5 +54,7 @@ int oggz_stream_has_metric (OGGZ * oggz, long serialno);
int oggz_stream_set_content (OGGZ * oggz, long serialno, int content);
OggzStreamContent oggz_stream_get_content (OGGZ * oggz, long serialno);
const char * oggz_stream_get_content_type (OGGZ *oggz, long serialno);
oggz_auto_calculate_granulepos(int content, ogg_int64_t now,
oggz_stream_t *stream, ogg_packet *op);
#endif /* __OGGZ_STREAM_H__ */
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