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add a man page for oggz-sort

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man_MANS = oggzdiff.1 oggzdump.1 oggzinfo.1 oggzmerge.1 \
man_MANS = oggzdiff.1 oggzdump.1 oggzinfo.1 oggzmerge.1 oggz-sort.1 \
oggzrip.1 oggz-comment.1 oggz-scan.1 oggz-validate.1
man_MANS =
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ EXTRA_DIST = $(man_MANS) \
forcefeed.fig forcefeed.eps forcefeed.png \
hungry.fig hungry.eps hungry.png \
oggzdiff.1.sgml oggzdump.1.sgml oggzinfo.1.sgml oggzmerge.1.sgml \
oggzrip.1.sgml oggz-comment.1.sgml oggz-scan.1.sgml \
oggz-merge.1.sgml oggzrip.1.sgml oggz-comment.1.sgml oggz-scan.1.sgml \
# ensure doxygen-build.stamp is included, or else the documentation will
......@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ EXTRA_DIST = $(man_MANS) \
noinst_DATA = doxygen-build.stamp
html: oggzdiff.1.html oggzdump.1.html oggzinfo.1.html oggzmerge.1.html \
oggzrip.1.html oggz-comment.1.html oggz-scan.1.html oggz-validate.1.html
oggz-sort.1.html oggzrip.1.html oggz-comment.1.html oggz-scan.1.html \
%.1: %.1.sgml
<!DOCTYPE refentry PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN"[
<!-- Process this file with docbook-to-man to generate an nroff manual
page: `docbook-to-man manpage.sgml > manpage.1'. You may view
the manual page with: `docbook-to-man manpage.sgml | nroff -man |
less'. A typical entry in a Makefile or is:
manpage.1: manpage.sgml
docbook-to-man $< > $@
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<!ENTITY dhfirstname "<firstname>Conrad</firstname>">
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<!ENTITY dhdate "<date>January 25, 2007</date>">
<!-- SECTION should be 1-8, maybe w/ subsection other parameters are
allowed: see man(7), man(1). -->
<!ENTITY dhsection "<manvolnum>1</manvolnum>">
<!ENTITY dhemail "<email></email>">
<!ENTITY dhusername "Annodex Association">
<!ENTITY dhucpackage "<refentrytitle>oggz-sort</refentrytitle>">
<!ENTITY dhpackage "oggz-sort">
<!ENTITY debian "<productname>Debian GNU/Linux</productname>">
<!ENTITY gnu "<acronym>GNU</acronym>">
<refentry id="oggz-sort">
<refpurpose>Resort the pages of an Ogg file in order of presentation
<!-- A warning of
"document type does not allow element "PARAMETER" here"
for all the <parameter> tags in the refsynopsisdiv.
Ignore them as the <parameter> tag still gets interpreted correctly in
the manpage. Deleting the tag however results in non-underlined
<arg choice="opt">-o <parameter>filename</parameter></arg>
<arg choice="opt">--output <parameter>filename</parameter></arg>
<arg choice="plain">filename</arg>
<group><arg choice="opt">-h</arg><arg choice="opt">--help</arg></group>
<group><arg choice="opt">-v</arg><arg choice="opt">--version</arg></group>
<command>&dhpackage;</command> sorts an Ogg file, interleaving
pages in order of presentation time. It correctly interprets the
granulepos timestamps of Ogg Vorbis, Speex, FLAC and Theora bitstreams,
and all bitstreams of Annodex files.
Some encoders produce files with incorrect page ordering; for example,
some audio and video pages may occur out of order. Although these files
are usually playable, it can be difficult to accurately seek or scrub
on them, increasing the likelihood of glitches during playback.
Players may also need to use more memory in order to buffer the audio
and video data for synchronized playback, which can be a problem when
the files are viewed on low-memory devices.
The tool <command>oggz-validate</command> can be used to check the
relative ordering of packets in a file. If out of order packets are
reported, use <command>oggz-sort</command> to fix the problem.
<command>&dhpackage;</command> accepts the following options:
<title>Miscellaneous options</title>
<term>-o <parameter>filename</parameter>, --output <parameter>filename</parameter></term>
<listitem><para>Write output to the specified
<parameter>filename</parameter> instead of printing it to
standard output.
<term>-h, --help</term>
<listitem><para>Display usage information and exit.</para></listitem>
<term>-v, --version</term>
<listitem><para>Output version information and exit.</para></listitem>
&dhfirstname; &dhsurname;
Copyright &copy; 2007 &dhusername;
<title>SEE ALSO</title>
<!-- Keep this comment at the end of the file
Local variables:
mode: sgml
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