Commit 7dc3822d authored by David Schleef's avatar David Schleef Committed by conrad
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Annodex is 7 bytes, not 8

parent ccd2a2fe
......@@ -1090,7 +1090,7 @@ const oggz_auto_contenttype_t oggz_auto_codec_ident[] = {
{"Speex", 5, "Speex", auto_speex, auto_calc_speex, NULL},
{"PCM ", 8, "PCM", auto_oggpcm2, NULL, NULL},
{"CMML\0\0\0\0", 8, "CMML", auto_cmml, NULL, NULL},
{"Annodex", 8, "Annodex", auto_annodex, NULL, NULL},
{"Annodex", 7, "Annodex", auto_annodex, NULL, NULL},
{"fishead", 7, "Skeleton", auto_fishead, NULL, NULL},
{"fLaC", 4, "Flac0", auto_flac0, auto_calc_flac, NULL},
{"\177FLAC", 5, "Flac", auto_flac, auto_calc_flac, NULL},
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