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add known-codecs to oggz commands list, +formatting

git-svn-id: 8158c8cd-e7e1-0310-9fa4-c5954c97daef
parent 472eb4fe
......@@ -66,10 +66,10 @@ usage (char * progname)
printf (" validate Validate the Ogg framing of one or more files.\n");
printf ("\nExtraction\n");
printf ("\nExtraction:\n");
printf (" rip Extract one or more logical bitstreams from an Ogg file.\n");
printf ("\nEditing\n");
printf ("\nEditing:\n");
printf (" chop Extract the part of an Ogg file between given start and/or\n"
" end times.\n");
printf (" comment List or edit comments in an Ogg file.\n");
......@@ -77,10 +77,8 @@ usage (char * progname)
" presentation time.\n");
printf (" sort Sort the pages of an Ogg file in order of presentation time.\n");
printf ("Miscellaneous\n");
printf ("Miscellaneous:\n");
printf (" known-codecs List codecs known by this version of oggz\n");
printf ("\n");
printf ("Please report bugs to <>\n");
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