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update TODO: byte offsets done

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......@@ -14,34 +14,14 @@ Documentation
* review: is all functionality covered?
* separate into intro/advanced topics
* rewrite intro so that newer, simpler functionality is covered.
Byte offsets
(See master branch for updates)
* provide the byte offset of the page each packet started on.
* remember the previous page offset when delivering the first packet ending
on a continued page.
* handle gp -1 (no packets finished) pages by not updating that
prev page offset
* do this per track, in case of bad muxing
Extended packet info:
* byte offset of the page that started this packet
* byte span of pages containing this packet, OR byte offset of the page
after the page this packet ends on (ie. byte offset of end of page the
packet ends on + 1)
* nr of pages this packet spans.
* split the state out? keep track of byte offsets
* allow snapshotting of seek/scan state
(See seek-rewrite branch for updates)
* add seek_packet() function to return to a previous packet
Keyframe seeking
* add seek_keyframe() (double-seek) function, using method from thread
titled "ogg double seek algorithm" to a11y list 18/11/2008 including
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