Commit de56cbc6 authored by conrad's avatar conrad

rename private oggz_auto_identify() to oggz_auto_identify_page()

This function is used by oggz_read to identify a bos page as soon as it is
read, before any packet extraction is done. We do this on a page so that the
content-type is known before the user's read_page callback is called.

git-svn-id: 8158c8cd-e7e1-0310-9fa4-c5954c97daef
parent cc8b9eee
......@@ -892,8 +892,9 @@ const oggz_auto_contenttype_t oggz_auto_codec_ident[] = {
{"", 0, "Unknown", NULL, NULL, NULL}
int oggz_auto_identify (OGGZ *oggz, ogg_page *og, long serialno) {
oggz_auto_identify_page (OGGZ *oggz, ogg_page *og, long serialno)
int i;
for (i = 0; i < OGGZ_CONTENT_UNKNOWN; i++)
......@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@ int
oggz_auto_read_comments (OGGZ * oggz, oggz_stream_t * stream, long serialno,
ogg_packet * op);
int oggz_auto_identify (OGGZ *oggz, ogg_page *og, long serialno);
int oggz_auto_identify_page (OGGZ *oggz, ogg_page *og, long serialno);
/* comments */
int oggz_comments_init (oggz_stream_t * stream);
......@@ -521,14 +521,14 @@ oggz_read_sync (OGGZ * oggz)
/* identify stream type */
oggz_auto_identify(oggz, &og, serialno);
oggz_auto_identify_page (oggz, &og, serialno);
else if (oggz_stream_get_content(oggz, serialno) == OGGZ_CONTENT_ANXDATA)
* re-identify ANXDATA streams as these are now content streams
oggz_auto_identify(oggz, &og, serialno);
oggz_auto_identify_page (oggz, &og, serialno);
os = &stream->ogg_stream;
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