Commit fc654af8 authored by conrad's avatar conrad
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oggz-chop: Fix bug in update of page accumulator, reported by j^

This was triggered in instances where all pages in the page accumulator
were to be kept, eg. if all pages had no granulepos marked. The resulting
attempt to shift the contents of the page accumulator by an offset of 0
caused that table's indices to become invalid, which led to a NULL
dereference a few iterations later.

Closes ticket:404

git-svn-id: 8158c8cd-e7e1-0310-9fa4-c5954c97daef
parent 0ed220d0
......@@ -247,6 +247,9 @@ track_state_advance_page_accum (OCTrackState * ts)
/* If all accumulated pages have no granulepos, keep them */
if (earliest_new == 0) return accum_size;
if (earliest_new > accum_size)
earliest_new = accum_size;
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