1. 03 May, 2013 5 commits
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      Update for modern autoconf practice · 93d06f6b
      Ron authored
      There have been reports of things breaking for users of very new
      autotools now (against libogg and other Xiph libraries), so fix
      this one too while it's open in the editor.
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      Respect the configure --docdir override · 754e21b5
      Ron authored
      Patch from RedDwarf, Closes ticket:1758 (for oggz).
      There is more that could be done here, right now the install-data target
      installs everything that doxygen generates into $docdir, which with the
      current doxygen configuration includes both html and latex docs, the
      latter of which aren't actually in a user-presentable form without doing
      a further build of them to convert to the desired format.
      Probably the html docs should be installed to htmldir, and the latex
      docs should not be installed at all in their current form.  If people
      do use the latter, then adding top level targets to fully generate
      them wouldn't be the silliest thing to do, and then they should be
      installed to dvidir/pdfdir/psdir as appropriate.
      But so far, being able to alter $docdir is all that was asked for, and
      this patch does exactly that.  The rest can wait for someone with the
      right itch for now.
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      Add some gitignorance · a9ad66f8
      Ron authored
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      Tidy for normal manpage requirements/conventions · a88b55b8
      Ron authored
      Also while we're in here, fix some formatting glitches, some things that
      don't follow the normal manpage requirements or font conventions, drop
      some formatting markup that isn't actually doing anything, and the note
      that it was generated by docbook-to-man which is presumably responsible
      for most or all of the above.
      Updating the rest of the manpages similarly is left as an exercise for
      people/days with more spare time.
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      Typo fix · 22c71cfb
      Ron authored
      Merged from the patch in the Debian packages.  The other half of that
      patch was already fixed in e52622ed.
      And make a sentence out of "contains multiple Vorbis" while we're here.
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      spelling · e52622ed
      j authored
  7. 04 Nov, 2010 2 commits
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  10. 24 Sep, 2010 2 commits
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      Merge branch '1.0-stable' · e90cad0b
      conrad authored
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      Fix an issue with the symlinks for pre-0.9.9 tool names · 8ac44ca8
      Vincent Cappe authored
      When files with pre-0.9.9 tool names exist in $(exec_prefix)/bin,
      "make DESTDIR=${staging_dir} install" tries to delete them, which
      may cause a failure for lack of permissions (quite likely to happen
      when building a package as a normal user), and is wrong anyway
      (nothing outside of DESTDIR should ever be changed by "make install").
      With this patch, it will now cd to "$(DESTDIR)$(bindir)" and create
      relative symlinks there, if need be. This preverse the old behavior
      when DESTDIR=="", except for the fact the symlinks will be relative
      rather than absolute.
  11. 19 Sep, 2010 3 commits
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  15. 20 Apr, 2010 2 commits
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      Merge branch '1.0-stable' · a96f5333
      conrad authored
      Adapted fix for regression introduced in 8c2da1
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      Fix regression introduced in 8c2da1 · ccd2a2fe
      conrad authored
      When using a recent liboggz, liboggplay fails to play some files. It
      appears it's only files with Kate streams, however some files with
      Kate streams do play fine, but liboggplay reports unknown
      category/language, so that's probably still failing, but in a way that
      liboggplay can recover from.
      A sample file which worked before and does not work now is the good old:
      This file is seen as correct by oggz-validate.
      * when oggz_read() sees the first few packets before it sees a
      granulepos, it buffers them in a dlist
      * then, oggz_read_deliver_packet() is a dlist callback which goes
      through these buffered packets and calls the read callback for each
      * the commit you found by bisection returns an error if the
      read_callback returns non-zero; previously the read_callback return
      values were ignored
      * liboggplay's read_predetected(), the read_callback in use during
      stream detection, returns 1 (OGGZ_STOP_OK) when it has done what it
      needs to do
      ... hence, the STOP_OK value gets turned into an error value by the
      bad commit.
      Reported-by: ogg.k.ogg.k@googlemail.com
      Signed-off-by: conrad's avatarConrad Parker <conrad@metadecks.org>
  16. 14 Apr, 2010 2 commits
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