Unverified Commit 7fd2315d authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Remove comment_replace_vendor_string() which is now useless

parent 56567fae
......@@ -241,24 +241,6 @@ void _ope_comment_pad(char **comments, int* length, int amount)
int _ope_comment_replace_vendor_string(char **comments, int* length, const char *vendor_string)
char* p=*comments;
int vendor_length;
int newlen;
int newvendor_length;
vendor_length=readint(p, 8);
p=realloc(p, newlen);
if (p == NULL) return 1;
writeint(p, 8, newvendor_length);
memmove(p+12+newvendor_length, p+12+vendor_length, newlen-12-newvendor_length);
memcpy(p+12, vendor_string, newvendor_length);
return 0;
#undef readint
#undef writeint
......@@ -52,6 +52,4 @@ int _ope_comment_add(char **comments, int* length, const char *tag, const char *
void _ope_comment_pad(char **comments, int* length, int amount);
int _ope_comment_replace_vendor_string(char **comments, int* length, const char *vendor_string);
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