Unverified Commit cc9cd809 authored by Ralph Giles's avatar Ralph Giles
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Add travis build status badge to the readme.

This displays the current build status for the master branch
from travis-ci.org as part of the readme. This can be misleading
if one is working from a branch instead, but seems to be the
convention, at least until github gets better support for
the badges.
Signed-of-by: Jean-Marc Valin's avatarJean-Marc Valin <jmvalin@jmvalin.ca>
parent 9f3fbbd2
# Libopusenc
[![Travis Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/xiph/opusenc.svg?branch=master)](https://travis-ci.org/xiph/opusenc)
The opusenc libraries provide a high-level API for
encoding .opus files. opusenc depends only on libopus.
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