Unverified Commit e7ce79de authored by Dragos Oancea's avatar Dragos Oancea Committed by Jean-Marc Valin
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some extra checks to avoid crashing

(modified by Jean-Marc Valin)
Signed-off-by: Jean-Marc Valin's avatarJean-Marc Valin <jmvalin@jmvalin.ca>
parent ac6b2112
......@@ -368,7 +368,7 @@ fail:
/* Create a new OggOpus stream, pulling one page at a time. */
OPE_EXPORT OggOpusEnc *ope_encoder_create_pull(OggOpusComments *comments, opus_int32 rate, int channels, int family, int *error) {
OggOpusEnc *enc = ope_encoder_create_callbacks(NULL, NULL, comments, rate, channels, family, error);
enc->pull_api = 1;
if (enc) enc->pull_api = 1;
return enc;
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