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    Update configure script to use new 'legal' names for cache vals (I hate you so much, autofoo) · 76f4809e
    Monty authored
    Update ogg to check the return of all allocs for those on embedded
    platforms with guarantees non-ovecommit.  Be aware that these checks
    are useless on any modern desktop OS, but that embedded folks with no
    MMU and a hard heap boundary will benefit.
    Add one new call to bitpacker that will query a write-mode
    oggpack_buffer to see if it ran out of memory at some point; there was
    no other way to add the error reporting in an ABI-compatible manner
    (and it also allows the writepacker to avoid extra checks; it will
    just keep going after running out of memory without faulting and state
    can be queried later).
    svn path=/trunk/ogg/; revision=16016
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