Verified Commit f7dadaaf authored by Quipyowert2's avatar Quipyowert2 Committed by Ralph Giles

Use %lu instead of %ld to fprintf unsigned longs.

Fixes a cppcheck warning. Possibly we should just convert
the array type to `long` since that's what oggpack_look()
returns, using negative values to report error.

However, none of the compared values are out of range
for either type so it doesn't really matter.
Signed-off-by: Erik de Castro Lopo's avatarErik de Castro Lopo <>
Signed-off-by: Ralph Giles's avatarRalph Giles <>
parent 6f5e79a9
......@@ -889,7 +889,7 @@ int main(void){
if(oggpack_look(&r,32)==-1)report("out of data. failed!");
fprintf(stderr,"%ld != %ld (%lx!=%lx):",oggpack_look(&r,32),large[i],
fprintf(stderr,"%ld != %lu (%lx!=%lx):",oggpack_look(&r,32),large[i],
report("read incorrect value!\n");
......@@ -999,7 +999,7 @@ int main(void){
if(oggpackB_look(&r,32)==-1)report("out of data. failed!");
fprintf(stderr,"%ld != %ld (%lx!=%lx):",oggpackB_look(&r,32),large[i],
fprintf(stderr,"%ld != %lu (%lx!=%lx):",oggpackB_look(&r,32),large[i],
report("read incorrect value!\n");
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