opusdec: Use literal format strings

Allows for automatic checking of arguments.
parent 32d4b475
......@@ -251,17 +251,13 @@ static void print_comments(const OpusTags *_tags)
if (pic.format==OP_PIC_FORMAT_URL) {
fprintf(stderr, "|%s\n", pic.data);
} else {
/*We use separate strings for each of these to simplify i18n in
the future someday.*/
static const char *PIC_FORMAT_STR[4] = {
"|<%u bytes of image data>\n",
"|<%u bytes of JPEG data>\n",
"|<%u bytes of PNG data>\n",
"|<%u bytes of GIF data>\n"
static const char *pic_format_str[4] = {
"image", "JPEG", "PNG", "GIF"
int format_idx;
format_idx = pic.format < 1 || pic.format >= 4 ? 0 : pic.format;
fprintf(stderr, PIC_FORMAT_STR[format_idx], pic.data_length);
fprintf(stderr, "|<%u bytes of %s data>\n", pic.data_length,
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