Commit 2d2ea27b authored by Ralph Giles's avatar Ralph Giles

Remove the link to the jenkins documentation build.

This link has been broken since the mf4 server crash,
and we're not planning to reinstate the jenkins service.
Instead this should be replaced with something built
by gitlab's ci.
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......@@ -29,12 +29,6 @@ Libopus is the reference implementation of the Opus Codec.
<li><a class="i-pdf" href="/docs/opus_api-1.1.3.pdf">PDF</a></li>
<li>pre-release version
<li><a class="i-html" href="">HTML</a></li>
<li><a class="i-pdf" href="">PDF</a></li>
<li>libopus 1.0.3 release
<li><a class="i-html" href="/docs/html_api-1.0.3/index.html">HTML</a></li>
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