Oops, fix NaN test

parent 652c4559
......@@ -1724,7 +1724,7 @@ int celt_encode_with_ec(CELTEncoder * OPUS_RESTRICT st, const opus_val16 * pcm,
compute_mdcts(mode, shortBlocks, in, freq, C, CC, LM, st->upsample, st->arch);
/* This should catch any NaN in the CELT input. Since we're not supposed to see any (they're filtered
at the Opus layer), just abort. */
celt_assert(!celt_isnan(freq[0]) && (C==1 || !celt_isnan(freq[C*N])));
celt_assert(!celt_isnan(freq[0]) && (C==1 || !celt_isnan(freq[N])));
if (CC==2&&C==1)
tf_chan = 0;
compute_band_energies(mode, freq, bandE, effEnd, C, LM, st->arch);
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