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Add release checksums for opusfile 0.1 and 0.2.

Add checksums for the first two source releases for completeness.
These are copied from and verified against
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8071b968475c1a17f54b6840d6de9d9ee20f930e827b0401abe3c4cf4f3bf30a opusfile-0.1.tar.gz
b4a678b3b6c4adfb6aff1f67ef658becfe146ea7c7ff228e99543762171557f9 opusfile-0.2.tar.gz
4248927f2c4e316ea5b84fb02bd100bfec8fa4624a6910d77f0af7f0c6cb8baa opusfile-0.3.tar.gz
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