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Always try to update the version when is run

This avoids at least one case where ./ && ./configure && make
will re-run configure because the makefile rules updated something that
it depends upon. Pulling a new version from git will change the version
so we should update that at the first step rather than iterating after
the last one.
parent 1eff2631
......@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@ dnl The package_version file will be automatically synced to the git revision
dnl by the update_version script when configured in the repository, but will
dnl remain constant in tarball releases unless it is manually edited.
m4_esyscmd([ if test -e package_version || ./update_version; then
m4_esyscmd([ ./update_version 2>/dev/null || true
if test -e package_version; then
. ./package_version
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