Commit 728a74ee authored by Monty Montgomery's avatar Monty Montgomery

Fix a multicompand panel bug where dragging the 31Hz slider in

half-octave mode does not updte the 25Hz slider in third-octave mode

Finished abstracting compander panel to allow multiple panels.

git-svn-id: 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800
parent ec435c2a
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......@@ -21,11 +21,7 @@
extern void suppresspanel_create(postfish_mainpanel *mp,
GtkWidget *windowbutton,
GtkWidget *activebutton);
extern void compandpanel_create(postfish_mainpanel *mp,
extern void compandpanel_create_master (postfish_mainpanel *mp,
GtkWidget *windowbutton,
GtkWidget *activebutton);
......@@ -977,7 +977,7 @@ void mainpanel_create(postfish_mainpanel *panel,char **chlabels){
mainpanel_masterentry(panel,mastertable,"_Crossmix "," c ",GDK_c,0,0);
mainpanel_masterentry(panel,mastertable,"_Multicomp "," m ",GDK_m,1,compandpanel_create);
mainpanel_masterentry(panel,mastertable,"_Multicomp "," m ",GDK_m,1,compandpanel_create_master);
mainpanel_masterentry(panel,mastertable,"_Onecomp "," o ",GDK_o,2,singlepanel_create);
mainpanel_masterentry(panel,mastertable,"De_verb "," v ",GDK_v,3,suppresspanel_create);
mainpanel_masterentry(panel,mastertable,"_Reverb "," r ",GDK_r,4,0);
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ typedef struct postfish_mainpanel postfish_mainpanel;
#include "eqpanel.h"
#include "compandpanel.h"
#include "singlepanel.h"
#include "suppresspanel.h"
#include "limitpanel.h"
#include "mutedummy.h"
#define VERSION "$Id$ "
/* DO NOT EDIT: Automated versioning hack [Thu Apr 22 18:25:14 EDT 2004] */
/* DO NOT EDIT: Automated versioning hack [Fri Apr 23 02:09:14 EDT 2004] */
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