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      Modify reverb routing in the mixdown panels. · 36c41914
      Monty Montgomery authored
      In previous versions of Postfish, the stereo reverb output of a
      channel reverb had to be explicitly mixed into an output channel using
      the direct mixdown blocks or the reverb is inaudible.  You needed to
      use the direct mixdown blocks to get reverb even when otherwise only
      using the stereo crossplacer to produce a mixdown.
      As of now, when using the Crossplacer in a mixdown panel, a channel's
      reverb A output will be mixed directly into all active 'output A'
      outputs, and the channel's reverb B output likewise mixed directly
      into all active 'output B' outputs.  It is mixed according to the
      master delay/attenuation sliders on the attenuation panel, but it does
      not use the delay/attenuation settings of the crossplacer; this way
      the channel can be mixed anywhere into a stereo image and the reverb
      will still present the same image of space.
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