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    Remove clipped_cfg from RestorationState · 07032e6b
    Romain Vimont authored
    A RestorationState stores a matrix of restoration units per plane. The
    restoration unit associated to a superblock may be retrieved from a
    superblock offset.
    Although this mapping is independant of subsampling, the superblock
    offsets were always converted to plane coordinates, which required to
    handle subsampling nonetheless. As a consequence, a PlaneConfig instance
    associated to RestorationPlane was necessary to find a restoration unit
    from a superblock offset.
    Instead, store the (log2) number of superblocks per restoration unit, to
    be able to retrieve a restoration unit from a superblock with a simple
    shift (without any subsampling information).
    That way, we can remove the PlaneConfig associated to RestorationPlane,
    which will simplify tiling.
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