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    Re-eliminate pkg-config dependency under MinGW · 15c25de5
    Andrew D'Addesio authored and Thomas Daede's avatar Thomas Daede committed
    On MinGW, the "no_build_target(cfg!(windows))" line unfortunately
    prevents out/lib/pkgconfig/aom.pc from being created, causing the
    "// MSVC" code branch to be taken which results in a linker error
    (-laom not found).
    Rather than fixing pkg-config, we can pass an absolute path to
    libaom.a like we already do to aom.lib for MSVC. This has the
    benefit that rav1e can be compiled with MinGW directly from cmd,
    where pkg-config usually isn't available.
    Tested on:
    * MinGW-Builds 8.1.0 (cmd, msys2 terminal)
    * Visual Studio 2017 15.8.1 (cmd, msys2 terminal)
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