Commit 46905a23 authored by Vittorio Giovara's avatar Vittorio Giovara Committed by Luca Barbato
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crav1e: Let rav1e_config_default() use defaults

This function is mostly used to alloc the EncoderConfig, let
configuration properly happen via rav1e_config_parse().
parent d2f108f7
......@@ -75,25 +75,9 @@ type TransferCharacteristics=rav1e::TransferCharacteristics;
type Rational=rav1e::Rational;
pub unsafe extern "C" fn rav1e_config_default(
width: u32,
height: u32,
bit_depth: u8,
chroma_sampling: ChromaSampling,
chroma_sample_position: ChromaSamplePosition,
time_base: Rational,
) -> *mut Config {
let enc = rav1e::EncoderConfig{
width : width as usize,
height: height as usize,
bit_depth: bit_depth as usize,
pub unsafe extern "C" fn rav1e_config_default() -> *mut Config {
let cfg = rav1e::Config {
enc: rav1e::EncoderConfig::default(),
let c = Box::new(Config {
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