Commit 7f67e6bf authored by Thomas Daede's avatar Thomas Daede Committed by Thomas Daede
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Add bitrate to dumped ivf filename.

parent 5625ee37
...@@ -71,10 +71,10 @@ pub(crate) trait TestDecoder<T: Pixel> { ...@@ -71,10 +71,10 @@ pub(crate) trait TestDecoder<T: Pixel> {
min_keyint, max_keyint, low_latency, bitrate, min_keyint, max_keyint, low_latency, bitrate,
tile_cols_log2, tile_rows_log2); tile_cols_log2, tile_rows_log2);
println!("Encoding {}x{} speed {} quantizer {} bit-depth {}", w, h, speed, quantizer, bit_depth); println!("Encoding {}x{} speed {} quantizer {} bit-depth {} bitrate {}", w, h, speed, quantizer, bit_depth, bitrate);
#[cfg(feature="dump_ivf")] #[cfg(feature="dump_ivf")]
let mut out = std::fs::File::create(&format!("out-{}x{}-s{}-q{}-{:?}.ivf", let mut out = std::fs::File::create(&format!("out-{}x{}-s{}-q{}-r{}-{:?}.ivf",
w, h, speed, quantizer, chroma_sampling)).unwrap(); w, h, speed, quantizer, bitrate, chroma_sampling)).unwrap();
#[cfg(feature="dump_ivf")] #[cfg(feature="dump_ivf")]
ivf::write_ivf_header(&mut out, w, h, 30, 1); ivf::write_ivf_header(&mut out, w, h, 30, 1);
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