Commit d2e22b93 authored by Rain Liu's avatar Rain Liu Committed by Thomas Daede
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fix intra modes bug when directional intra modes enabled

when directional intra modes are enabled, running "target\release\rav1e.exe nyan.y4m -o enc_file.ivf --limit 1 -s 3 -r rec_file.y4m" will cause crash due to hard coded ArrayVec::<_;7>.

This commit fixed this crash.
parent 426280f5
......@@ -782,7 +782,7 @@ pub fn rdo_mode_decision<T: Pixel>(
let mut probs = intra_mode_set.iter().map(|&a| (a, probs_all[a as usize])).collect::<Vec<_>>();
probs.sort_by_key(|a| !a.1);
let mut modes = ArrayVec::<[_;7]>::new();
let mut modes = ArrayVec::<[_;INTRA_MODES]>::new();
.take(num_modes_rdo / 2)
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