Commit e3b01898 authored by Raphaël Zumer's avatar Raphaël Zumer
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Set Y4M pixel range to limited from CLI

parent de0ff955
......@@ -162,6 +162,13 @@ fn main() {
cli.enc.bit_depth = video_info.bit_depth;
cli.enc.chroma_sampling = video_info.chroma_sampling;
cli.enc.chroma_sample_position = video_info.chroma_sample_position;
// If no pixel range is specified via CLI, assume limited,
// as it is the default for the Y4M format.
if cli.enc.pixel_range == PixelRange::Unspecified {
cli.enc.pixel_range = PixelRange::Limited;
cli.enc.time_base = video_info.time_base;
let cfg = Config {
enc: cli.enc,
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