Commit f94b0b69 authored by Guillaume Martres's avatar Guillaume Martres
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Fix #4: Proper CLI argument parsing using clap

There are many ways to specify options using clap, see, I chose the simplest
parent ceaa5f6a
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ build = ""
bitstream-io = "0.6.1"
byteorder = "1.0.0"
clap = "2.26.2"
libc = "0.2.24"
rand = "0.3"
y4m = "0.1.1"
extern crate bitstream_io;
extern crate byteorder;
extern crate clap;
extern crate libc;
extern crate rand;
extern crate y4m;
use std::env;
use std::fs::File;
use std::io::prelude::*;
use bitstream_io::{BE, BitWriter};
use byteorder::*;
use clap::App;
mod ec;
mod partition;
......@@ -303,9 +304,19 @@ fn encode_frame(sequence: &Sequence, fi: &FrameInvariants, fs: &mut FrameState)
fn main() {
let args: Vec<String> = env::args().collect();
let mut input_file = File::open(&args[1]).unwrap();
let mut output_file = File::create(&args[2]).unwrap();
let matches = App::new("rav1e")
.about("AV1 video encoder")
"<INPUT.y4m> 'Uncompressed YUV4MPEG2 video input'
<OUTPUT.ivf> 'Compressed AV1 in IVF video output'")
let input = matches.value_of("INPUT.y4m").unwrap();
let output = matches.value_of("OUTPUT.ivf").unwrap();
let mut input_file = File::open(&input).unwrap();
let mut output_file = File::create(&output).unwrap();
let mut rec_file = File::create("rec.y4m").unwrap();
let mut y4m_dec = y4m::decode(&mut input_file).unwrap();
let width = y4m_dec.get_width();
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