Commit 2b732e49 authored by slicer's avatar slicer

Remove regressions (they were for the resampler)

parent 22b4c867
diff --git a/libspeex/resample.c b/libspeex/resample.c
index 4403f78..48ffcef 100644
--- a/libspeex/resample.c
+++ b/libspeex/resample.c
@@ -561,10 +561,10 @@ static void update_filter(SpeexResamplerState *st)
for (i=0;i<st->den_rate;i++)
- spx_uint32_t j;
+ spx_int32_t j;
for (j=0;j<st->filt_len;j++)
- st->sinc_table[i*st->filt_len+j] = sinc(st->cutoff,((j-st->filt_len/2+1)-((float)i)/st->den_rate), st->filt_len, quality_map[st->quality].window_func);
+ st->sinc_table[i*st->filt_len+j] = sinc(st->cutoff,((j-(spx_int32_t)st->filt_len/2+1)-((float)i)/st->den_rate), st->filt_len, quality_map[st->quality].window_func);
1: 723f644e09333a0230383eae4af1f3aa3e46e1c3 (r12736): broke resampler badly
Changed the sign of a bunch of parameters in the API. Tons of signed/unsigned changes in the code as a consequence of that. Hopefully this will be the last change to the API.
Fixed: 2007-08-11
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