Commit 566e3a94 authored by Martin Storsjo's avatar Martin Storsjo Committed by Tristan Matthews

Add a (void) parameter list to a function declaration

This fixes warnings in calling code about "this function declaration
is not a prototype".
parent cae5026c
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ typedef struct SpeexStereoState {
#define SPEEX_STEREO_STATE_INIT {1,.5,1,1,0,0}
/** Initialise/create a stereo stereo state */
SpeexStereoState *speex_stereo_state_init();
SpeexStereoState *speex_stereo_state_init(void);
/** Reset/re-initialise an already allocated stereo state */
void speex_stereo_state_reset(SpeexStereoState *stereo);
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