Commit 6efc76d8 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Got rid of real_exc and ringing by using exc temporarily. This saved 160 bytes.

parent 9c76b1f6
......@@ -419,7 +419,6 @@ int nb_encode(void *state, void *vin, SpeexBits *bits)
int ol_pitch;
spx_word16_t ol_pitch_coef;
spx_word32_t ol_gain;
VARDECL(spx_word16_t *ringing);
VARDECL(spx_word16_t *target);
VARDECL(spx_sig_t *innov);
VARDECL(spx_word32_t *exc32);
......@@ -435,7 +434,6 @@ int nb_encode(void *state, void *vin, SpeexBits *bits)
VARDECL(spx_coef_t *interp_qlpc);
char *stack;
VARDECL(spx_word16_t *syn_resp);
VARDECL(spx_word16_t *real_exc);
spx_word32_t ener=0;
spx_word16_t fine_gain;
......@@ -803,9 +801,7 @@ int nb_encode(void *state, void *vin, SpeexBits *bits)
ALLOC(target, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, spx_word16_t);
ALLOC(innov, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, spx_sig_t);
ALLOC(exc32, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, spx_word32_t);
ALLOC(ringing, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, spx_word16_t);
ALLOC(syn_resp, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, spx_word16_t);
ALLOC(real_exc, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, spx_word16_t);
ALLOC(mem, NB_ORDER, spx_mem_t);
/* Loop on sub-frames */
......@@ -813,7 +809,7 @@ int nb_encode(void *state, void *vin, SpeexBits *bits)
int offset;
spx_word16_t *sw;
spx_word16_t *exc;
spx_word16_t *exc, *inBuf;
int pitch;
int response_bound = NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE;
......@@ -865,16 +861,12 @@ int nb_encode(void *state, void *vin, SpeexBits *bits)
/*FIXME: This will break if we change the window size */
spx_word16_t *buf;
if (sub==0)
buf = st->winBuf;
buf = &in[((sub-1)*NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE)];
for (i=0;i<NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE;i++)
real_exc[i] = sw[i] = buf[i];
fir_mem16(real_exc, interp_qlpc, real_exc, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, NB_ORDER, st->mem_exc2, stack);
if (sub==0)
inBuf = st->winBuf;
inBuf = &in[((sub-1)*NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE)];
for (i=0;i<NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE;i++)
sw[i] = inBuf[i];
if (st->complexity==0)
response_bound >>= 1;
......@@ -886,18 +878,18 @@ int nb_encode(void *state, void *vin, SpeexBits *bits)
for (i=0;i<NB_ORDER;i++)
for (i=0;i<NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE;i++)
ringing[i] = VERY_SMALL;
exc[i] = VERY_SMALL;
iir_mem16(ringing, interp_qlpc, ringing, response_bound, NB_ORDER, mem, stack);
iir_mem16(exc, interp_qlpc, exc, response_bound, NB_ORDER, mem, stack);
for (i=0;i<NB_ORDER;i++)
filter10(ringing, st->bw_lpc1, st->bw_lpc2, ringing, response_bound, mem, stack);
SPEEX_MEMSET(&ringing[response_bound], 0, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE-response_bound);
filter10(exc, st->bw_lpc1, st->bw_lpc2, exc, response_bound, mem, stack);
SPEEX_MEMSET(&exc[response_bound], 0, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE-response_bound);
iir_mem16(ringing, interp_qlpc, ringing, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, NB_ORDER, mem, stack);
iir_mem16(exc, interp_qlpc, exc, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, NB_ORDER, mem, stack);
for (i=0;i<NB_ORDER;i++)
filter10(ringing, bw_lpc1, bw_lpc2, ringing, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, mem, stack);
filter10(exc, bw_lpc1, bw_lpc2, exc, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, mem, stack);
/* Compute weighted signal */
......@@ -911,11 +903,11 @@ int nb_encode(void *state, void *vin, SpeexBits *bits)
/* Compute target signal (saturation prevents overflows on clipped input speech) */
for (i=0;i<NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE;i++)
/* Reset excitation */
for (i=0;i<NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE;i++)
exc[i] = inBuf[i];
fir_mem16(exc, interp_qlpc, exc, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE, NB_ORDER, st->mem_exc2, stack);
/* If we have a long-term predictor (otherwise, something's wrong) */
speex_assert (SUBMODE(ltp_quant));
......@@ -957,11 +949,11 @@ int nb_encode(void *state, void *vin, SpeexBits *bits)
/* Quantization of innovation */
/* FIXME: Make sure this is save from overflows (so far so good) */
/* FIXME: Make sure this is safe from overflows (so far so good) */
for (i=0;i<NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE;i++)
real_exc[i] = EXTRACT16(SUB32(EXTEND32(real_exc[i]), PSHR32(exc32[i],SIG_SHIFT-1)));
exc[i] = EXTRACT16(SUB32(EXTEND32(exc[i]), PSHR32(exc32[i],SIG_SHIFT-1)));
ener = SHL32(EXTEND32(compute_rms16(real_exc, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE)),SIG_SHIFT);
ener = SHL32(EXTEND32(compute_rms16(exc, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE)),SIG_SHIFT);
/*FIXME: Should use DIV32_16 and make sure result fits in 16 bits */
......@@ -1009,9 +1001,6 @@ int nb_encode(void *state, void *vin, SpeexBits *bits)
/* De-normalize innovation and update excitation */
signal_mul(innov, innov, ener, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE);
for (i=0;i<NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE;i++)
exc[i] = EXTRACT16(SATURATE32(PSHR32(ADD32(SHL32(exc32[i],1),innov[i]),SIG_SHIFT),32767));
/* In some (rare) modes, we do a second search (more bits) to reduce noise even more */
if (SUBMODE(double_codebook)) {
char *tmp_stack=stack;
......@@ -1030,10 +1019,8 @@ int nb_encode(void *state, void *vin, SpeexBits *bits)
for (i=0;i<NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE;i++)
exc[i] = EXTRACT16(SATURATE32(PSHR32(ADD32(SHL32(exc32[i],1),innov[i]),SIG_SHIFT),32767));
if (st->innov_rms_save)
st->innov_rms_save[sub] = compute_rms(innov, NB_SUBFRAME_SIZE);
/* Final signal synthesis from excitation */
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