Commit e261e59c authored by Jeff Wallace's avatar Jeff Wallace Committed by Jean-Marc Valin
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This patch simply flips on the _USE_SSE/_USE_SSE2 automatically if the visual

studio compiler options for SSE/SSE2 are specified or if compiling for x86-64.
parent 0dd7bfeb
// Microsoft version of 'inline'
#define inline __inline
// In Visual Studio, _M_IX86_FP=1 means /arch:SSE was used, likewise
// _M_IX86_FP=2 means /arch:SSE2 was used.
// Also, enable both _USE_SSE and _USE_SSE2 if we're compiling for x86-64
#if _M_IX86_FP >= 1 || defined(_M_X64)
#define _USE_SSE
#if _M_IX86_FP >= 2 || defined(_M_X64)
#define _USE_SSE2
// Visual Studio support alloca(), but it always align variables to 16-bit
// boundary, while SSE need 128-bit alignment. So we disable alloca() when
// SSE is enabled.
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