Commit e77b6ea4 authored by Jeff Wallace's avatar Jeff Wallace Committed by Jean-Marc Valin
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Support for Intel IPP FFT

parent c254c663
......@@ -165,6 +165,57 @@ void spx_ifft(void *table, spx_word16_t *in, spx_word16_t *out)
DftiComputeBackward(t->desc, in, out);
#elif defined(USE_INTEL_IPP)
#include <ipps.h>
struct ipp_fft_config
IppsDFTSpec_R_32f *dftSpec;
Ipp8u *buffer;
void *spx_fft_init(int size)
int bufferSize = 0;
int hint;
struct ipp_fft_config *table;
table = (struct ipp_fft_config *)speex_alloc(sizeof(struct ipp_fft_config));
/* there appears to be no performance difference between ippAlgHintFast and
ippAlgHintAccurate when using the with the floating point version
of the fft. */
hint = ippAlgHintAccurate;
ippsDFTInitAlloc_R_32f(&table->dftSpec, size, IPP_FFT_DIV_FWD_BY_N, hint);
ippsDFTGetBufSize_R_32f(table->dftSpec, &bufferSize);
table->buffer = ippsMalloc_8u(bufferSize);
return table;
void spx_fft_destroy(void *table)
struct ipp_fft_config *t = (struct ipp_fft_config *)table;
void spx_fft(void *table, spx_word16_t *in, spx_word16_t *out)
struct ipp_fft_config *t = (struct ipp_fft_config *)table;
ippsDFTFwd_RToPack_32f(in, out, t->dftSpec, t->buffer);
void spx_ifft(void *table, spx_word16_t *in, spx_word16_t *out)
struct ipp_fft_config *t = (struct ipp_fft_config *)table;
ippsDFTInv_PackToR_32f(in, out, t->dftSpec, t->buffer);
#elif defined(USE_GPL_FFTW3)
#include <fftw3.h>
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