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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I m4
pkgconfigdir = $(libdir)/pkgconfig
pkgconfig_DATA = speexdsp.pc
EXTRA_DIST = SpeexDSP.spec SpeexDSP.kdevelop README.blackfin README.TI-DSP
EXTRA_DIST = SpeexDSP.spec SpeexDSP.kdevelop README.blackfin
#Fools KDevelop into including all files
SUBDIRS = libspeexdsp include doc win32 symbian ti
These are all of the changes and additions necessary to build a loopback application for the
TI C6415, C5509A, or C5416 simulators using the TI Code Composer Studio (CCS) development system.
A trial version of the tools can be downloaded from the TI website.
This build runs 8kbps narrowband, with minimum complexity.
Several changes are introduced in Speex 1.1.11 which are used in these applications:
arch.h: Added switch for compilers not supporting "long long" (C55x does, C54x, CCS 2.x C64x does not)
bits.c: Allow external definition for max buffer size, changed MAX_BYTES_PER_FRAME
to MAX_CHARS_PER_FRAME for consistency
misc.c: Added override switches to alloc routines, conditional include of user file "user_misc.h".
These changes allow manual memory allocation rather than using heap
The arch.h change allows operation with 2.x versions of Code Composer Studio.
The bits.c change reduces the data memory usage.
The misc.c change allows private memory allocation, for cases where it is not
desirable to use the normal heap.
Added files:
testenc-TI-C5x.c (For C54x and C55x builds, derived from testenc.c,
manual alloc, byte packing/unpacking added)
testenc-TI-C64x.c (For C64x builds, derived from testenc.c, manual alloc, byte packing/unpacking added)
config.h (not automatically generated, sets memory sizes, enables/disables manual alloc)
user_misc.h (contains the manual memory alloc routines, with debug code to display mem usage)
speex\speex_config_types.h (match Speex types to compiler types, not generated from
speex_c54_test\speex_c54_test.cmd (C5416 linker command file)
speex_c54_test\speex_c54_test.pjt (Code Composer Studio Project File )
speex_c55_test\speex_c55_test.cmd (C5509A linker command file)
speex_c55_test\speex_c55_test.pjt (Code Composer Studio Project File )
speex_c64_test\speex_c64_test.cmd (C6415 linker command file)
speex_c64_test\speex_c64_test.pjt (Code Composer Studio Project File )
1. Create a Speex 1.1.11 (or later) source tree.
2. Edit the files testenc-TI-C5x.c and/or testenc-TI-C64x.c to change the hard-coded path
for the test audio and data files.
This build uses the file e:\speextrunktest\samples\male.snd.
Note: This is a headerless 16-bit stereo audio file derived from the male.wav test file
3. Edit the .pjt file with a text editor and change projdir or projectdir to the correct path
(one place near the top of the file).
4. Edit config.h if desired, to change the memory allocation method (calloc or manual),
and to enable/disable debug prints for the memory allocation
(this makes it easier to determine the required size).
5. Run Code Composer Studio, and open the project for the desired target (e.g. speex_c55_test).
Note that the correct simulator must be selected (in CCS Setup) before starting CCS.
6. Build and run the simulation.
Note that assembly optimizations will be required to run C54x in real time.
There are no assembly optimizations in any of these builds.
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