Commit c74b1957 authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews

remove codec-only references from TODO

parent e152d8dc
......@@ -9,10 +9,6 @@ Major points:
- Better error reporting
- Make kiss-fft 32-bit safe
Minor issues:
- Fix last frame of speexenc
Post 1.2:
improve float<->int conversion
split encoder and decoder?
......@@ -23,12 +19,8 @@ Do VAD properly
- Add restrict in a few places?
- enable 4x4 version of pitch_xcorr() at least on some archs?
- use __builtin_expect() (likely()/unlikely())
Would be nice:
Implement wideband split as IIR instead of QMF?
Allocator override (speex_lib_ctl?)
......@@ -38,11 +30,3 @@ Denoiser:
- Better noise adaptation
- Use median filtering instead of "non-linear mean"?
-Complete Speex RTP profile
-MIME type registration
Peelable stream (double codebook, higher bands, stereo)
LPC from spectral domain
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