Commit 8822f862 authored by Monty's avatar Monty
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Although not strictly a bug, decode_packed_entry_number() was not always

forcing buffer eop correctly when it hit end of packet (as it was using 
look() not read())

git-svn-id: 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800
parent ab1af8d4
......@@ -171,7 +171,11 @@ STIN long decode_packed_entry_number(codebook *book,
while(lok<0 && read>1)
lok = oggpack_look(b, --read);
if(lok<0)return -1;
oggpack_adv(b,1); /* force eop */
return -1;
/* bisect search for the codeword in the ordered list */
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