Commit 1208c4ed authored by Michael Smith's avatar Michael Smith

Disable vcut by default.

This probably needs some changes if people want to be able to enable it without
editing, but vcut is sufficiently broken that people probably
shouldn't be able to do that too easily.

svn path=/trunk/vorbis-tools/; revision=5855
parent 5401021e
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(ogg123, [ --disable-ogg123 Skip building ogg123], build_ogg123=
AC_ARG_ENABLE(oggdec, [ --disable-oggdec Skip building oggdec], build_oggdec="$enableval", build_oggdec="yes")
AC_ARG_ENABLE(oggenc, [ --disable-oggenc Skip building oggenc], build_oggenc="$enableval", build_oggenc="yes")
AC_ARG_ENABLE(ogginfo,[ --disable-ogginfo Skip building ogginfo], build_ogginfo="$enableval", build_ogginfo="yes")
AC_ARG_ENABLE(vcut, [ --disable-vcut Skip building vcut], build_vcut="$enableval", build_vcut="yes")
AC_ARG_ENABLE(vcut, [ --disable-vcut Skip building vcut], build_vcut="$enableval", build_vcut="no")
AC_ARG_ENABLE(vorbiscomment, [ --disable-vorbiscomment Skip building vorbiscomment], build_vorbiscomment="$enableval", build_vorbiscomment="yes")
AC_ARG_WITH(flac, [ --without-flac Do not compile FLAC support], build_flac="$enableval", build_flac="yes")
AC_ARG_WITH(speex, [ --without-speex Do not compile Speex support], build_speex="$enableval", build_speex="yes")
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